Vanity Vr 7 Vibrator

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• Amazingly strong vibrating clitoral stimulator
• Separate incremental speed controls
• Multiple vibration speeds
• Multiple shaft rotation speeds
• Stimulator measures 2.75 inches
• Whisper quiet
• LED-lit interface
• Secure locking feature
• Waterproof

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Not your traditional rabbit vibrator, the double-action Vanity Vr 7 by Jopen features a rotating shaft that provides movement when inserted, titillating your G-spot, while a strong motor in the clitoral stimulator delivers powerful, direct vibrations to your clitoris. You can also place the shaft directly on your vulva or clitoris for a deep rub instead of vibrations.

The Vr 7 is completely cover in premium, hypoallergenic silicone, with a smooth satin finish that makes it comfortable to hold. The seamless design also makes the Vr 7 100% waterproof and bath-tub & shower safe.

Located at the base of the device, the intuitive control interface consists of two inconspicuous buttons, one for each motor. One press of either button turns on the corresponding motor, another press turns it off, a long press increases the power incrementally. A locking feature ensures the device won’t accidentally turn on when not in use.

The Vr 7 is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and comes packed with a charger and storage pouch.

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